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Matt Jefferies – Mall Owner, KY

"We had already been using the AntiqueSoft program at our other mall located in Louisville. Based on our previous experience on the implementation process and schedule that was followed by the AntiqueSoft team to get us up and running at the Louisville location, we had absolutely no hesitation implementing the same program at our Leitchfield location. AntiqueSoft offers the right blend of functionality to manage both space rentals as well as a point of sales (POS) module in a single program. Many companies claim to have great support but rarely do those claims meet one's expectation. However, we have truly been surprised with the support offered by the AntiqueSoft team. The team has provided us the best support when needed including on weekends.  I am certainly happy to recommend the AntiqueSoft program to other mall owners or managers."

Gregg M Morrow – Antique Mall Owner, VT

"We are a large antique mall in Vermont and decided it was time to change our POS software and approach. We have been using Antique SOS for over 15 years but needed more flexibility and options. AntiqueSoft offers options that we use on a day to day basis. The floor plan layout is wonderful for renting booths and tracking the rent we charge versus the rent we need to collect. We have many older employees who did not want change but after a few days learning the new POS module, they now wonder why we did not change to this earlier. Our accounting department likes the many reports provided by the software including tracking A/R and vendor payouts. Being the largest antique mall in the northeast with over 475 booths and 200 active vendors, we also needed the ability to move a lot of customers through in a speedy manner. The system is quick and accurate. Performing a return or lookup is easy. We always hear how great someone’s support is but I can truly state that their customer support is great. Every time there is a problem or question, we can get an answer by phone or online in minutes. There have been a lot of nuances with our mall and the support staff has gone out of their way to accommodate us on many options or changes we needed. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone in need of reliable and productive POS software."

Dan Clevenger – Antique Mall Owner, TN

"The team at E-SoftSys has done a tremendous job of integrating AntiqueSoft into our operation. Their customer/technical support is excellent and the product is exactly what we were looking for in an enterprise management / POS software. Great job E-SoftSys!"

Jim Taylor - Antique Mall Owner, MO

"I want to say thank you. Your company has gone far and beyond what most software companies would have done in order to make us happy, and professionally install everything. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering AntiqueSoft"

Bob Buksyk – Antique Mall Owner, WI

"I spent many hours searching for the right program. Let me save you the time. This program by far beats all the others. My team is very impressed with how easy the program works. The process has been excellent. The AntiqueSoft support team has been very timely and wants to make it right for your mall."

Rudy Voll - Antique Mall Owner, KY

"We were very pleased with the way AS worked with us, before and after the implementation of the software"

Christy Wood – Antique Mall Owner, NC

"AntiqueSoft has not only helped me to effectively manage my booth rentals but also helped me to streamline the point of sale and the dealers payout process. In addition, the support teams have been excellent by being there for me when I needed them. "

Andrew Dodson – IT Consultant, IL

"After searching for several different applications, we are glad we found yours when we needed a full fledged antique mall software for our client"

Penny Moore – Antique Mall Owner, FL

"AntiqueSoft was installed rapidly and we were able to streamline the rental process at our mall within a few days. They are very adept at listening to our needs and making the appropriate enhancements, which gives us a lot of confidence in their ability to meet our future needs"

Todd Radisson – Antique Mall Manager, MD

"I am highly impressed with the advanced features offered by AntiqueSoft"

Samantha Patterson – Antique Mall owner, WI

"We are finding it to be a very helpful and time saving tool in running our family antique mall business"

Sheila Baker – Bookkeeper, TX

"It's easy and effective to use. And the interface with QuickBooks has made it so much more easy for our accounting"

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