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Booth Rentals

AntiqueSoft is a very user-friendly program with point and click access to all functions for easier navigation. With the optional graphical layout module you have a visual layout of open and booked booths for enabling easier selection of available spaces. Users can perform rental functions from one screen and quickly locate available spaces to facilitate faster rentals and renewals. Provides better overall control by providing the updated information on booths, vendors, products and accounting as well as quick access to historical data.

AntiqueSoft has a highly comprehensive booth rental capabilities to arrange, identify and rent booths to the dealers using a dynamic color coded graphical layout.

  • Rent booths monthly, weekly or daily
  • Track Dealer Commissions
  • Build the store map
  • Store Dealers Data
  • Track Other Charges
  • Track outstanding Rent and Fees
  • Collect Rent Payments via Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or Check
  • Manage Seasonal Rent
  • Manage Lease and Rental Contract
Antique Soft Booth Rentals

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